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Foundation repair works
As a result of poorly executed reinforced concrete works and the lack of protection against shrinkage cracks and the contact area between the tower and the foundation, extensive defects in the concrete and movement of the tower relative to the foundation (beyond permitted values) appear after several years of water penetration into the concrete. This may usually happen when anchoring rings of older types are used. Our company provides all repair works and protection of foundations against future damage.

Our services include:
  • earthworks and drainage works in order to uncover and clean the concrete surface
  • removal of old insulation and joint fillers between the tower and the foundation
  • drainage systems including discharge of water from the tower to the outside of the foundation
  • exploratory boreholes in concrete and high-quality photographs and videos to recognize the excess of existing defects and cracks and to select the best repair solution
  • filling the joints with high pressure resin injection
  • repairs to shrinkage cracks with resin
  • expansion joints and filling of the space between the concrete and the tower
  • waterproofing
  • waterproofing of the joints between the ring and the foundation
  • GROUT repairs and replacement.
We always use top quality products and materials; thus, all our services are covered by a long-term warranty.

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