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TMC measurement of the tower movement relative to the foundation
Our comprehensive offer is very popular among customers: MONITORING 12, MONITORING 24 and MONITORING 36.

After signing the contract (MONITORING 12, MONITORING 24 or MONITORING 36), the investor is provided with measurements of the tower’s movement, including services for uncovering and cleaning the foundation, inspection of cracks and fractures, and a site visit with the assessment of the condition of the existing insulation and water drainage system. Each option (MONITORING 12, 24 or 36) includes two measurements – the first carried out after signing the contract and the second one after 12, 24 or 36 months (depending on the selected programme).

Our offer also includes the LONG TERM MONITORING (LTM) programme. This is a one-time inspection of the foundation (uncovering, assessment of its condition, number and size of cracks and fractures, inspection of the insulation condition and operation, etc.) along with precise measurements. Then, the tower’s movement is measured each year throughout the whole service period of the wind farm. By choosing the LTM programme, a continuous, detailed supervision over the investment project and immediate response to any defects is ensured.

One of the greatest advantages of the LTM programme offered by us is that all measurements and analyses are performed by one entity, with the use of one proven measurement method, and all results are stored in one database that can be easily accessed by the investor at any time.

Upon request, we analyse each project in terms of reinforcements, statics, and foundations.

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