The ACC BAU GROUTING department was set up at the time when the anchoring rings of older types began to be replaced with anchor cages that require a high-strength grouting for the upper ring.

Due to new solutions introduced to the market, our employees receive regular training and broaden their knowledge with reference to new products and their effective application. Currently, we are a licensed grouting contractor for BASF and PAGEL.

We use only our own equipment, which allows us to carry out grouting from 400 kg big-bags, which in turn ensures that the grout application time is reduced to a minimum. The entire process is supervised by the laboratory, and samples of materials are tested for strength.

Protecting grout against water penetration at the point of contact with the concrete is very important. For this purpose, the proven Triflex Towersafe waterproofing system is used, which guarantees the highest quality of materials and plays an important role in the protection of foundations.

As a licensed Triflex contractor, we carry out grouting and insulation works together, which not only shortens the order completion time, but also reduces the total project cost because contracting of other companies is not required.

ACC BAU Aleksander Czarnecki

ul. Radosna 1
62-040 Puszczykowo
Local Office in Germany

Hammer Steindamm 62
20535 Hamburg
tel. 49 151 2151 6143
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