Assessment of the wind turbine tower’s movement relative to its foundation, known as TMC

Due to the frequent problem of excessive tower movement (in the case of anchoring rings of older types), we have decided to accommodate the needs of our customers and set up an engineering team to carry out measurements of tower movement and assess the condition of foundations.

Electronic sensors located on the tower are used for the measurements. The results are sent to a central computer for analysis, and an assigned engineer compares them to the current models and standards. At the final stage, a detailed assessment is submitted to the customer.

Depending on the condition of the tower, an offer for all required repair works is presented. One of the advantages of this solution is that at every stage of the works we rely solely on the knowledge and skills of our personnel. Therefore, all works are executed by our own means, using our own machinery and equipment.

This allows us to fully optimize the exchange of information, eliminates potential errors due to misunderstanding, shortens the time of the entire process and has a positive impact on the total cost of the service. Regular meetings of the entire team responsible for the performance of the assigned tasks (persons that carry out measurements, design and repair works) ensure their analysis and give a full understanding of the issues that need to be addressed.

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